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  • Capability of projecting any logo or image.
  • 48 pixels and all sides projection.
  • Modular Visual staff system option.
  • Life time warranty!

Due to the large number of orders we are out of stock for now… Send us an email and we will let you know when they are in stock again!

Due to the large number of orders and many interested customers we are out of stock for now… If you want to buy Visual Poi, send us an email (, we will put you on a waiting list and will let you know when it’s in stock again!

Pixel visual graphic poi/staff

Visual Poi – the most advanced product we can offer to you. If you want to achieve unique visual effect, this is the product you have been looking for! You can upload graphics, pictures, logos or practically any pattern (limited just by your imagination) into the device from your PC.

Want to make beautiful graphics and spin with them? Want to program your graphic sequences directly to music? Or perform shows for companies presenting their logos as part of the show? Then this product is for you, opening new means of visual presentation.

We designed various prototypes utilizing this technology and performed many tests. We believe that we can offer you the best product in the field. Read further why we think so.

Visual Poi in action:

Visual Poi:

Visual Staff:

Visual Poi V2 from Lighttoys, a ground-breaking product opening new advertising possibilities. The doors of big companies will be open for your performances, because they love to see their logos during the show. Visual Poi V2 is an investment that pays off. Some customers earn their investment back in only two months – this is the opportunity you can achieve.

Why choose Visual Poi?

Pixels - resolution. What's optimal and why not to have more?

Visual Staff
Another advantage is the Visual Staff/Poi modular system – you can easily change your pois into a staff in less than a minute. The staff module is made from a high quality polycarbonate that makes it practically indestructible. Choose the staff variant on the left side when ordering if you want the staff modular system.

Visual Staff module:
visual pixel graphic staff lighttoys

Visual Poi is a precise product improved over years of development, testing and usage in Pyroterra fire & light performance group. The construction is sturdy, light and easy to use. Each Visual Poi displays its battery life after powering on, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected discharge during your show time. Visual Poi is programmed and also charged simply via USB cable.

visual graphic pixel software poi staff


Visual Poi from Lighttoys – the highest brightness and clean readability!
Naturally, battery charger, carrying case, software and warranty services are included. Visual staff modular system is a selectable option.


Technical specification (single Visual Poi):
Weight: 160 grams
Length: 49 cm
Number of RGB LEDs / pixels: 96 / 48
Number of colors: Up to 16,7 milions
Number of pictures: Up to 100
Battery life: 40 minutes for solid patterns in bright colors / up to 2 hours for standard texts and logos
Accessories: battery charger, carrying case, control software, (you can choose to take modular staff system)

Upgrades made in Version 2:
- Better readability without brightness drops during spinning.
- 4x bigger memory.
- Lower weight.
- Higher resolution and brightness.
- Charging through USB.
- Possibility to program sequences to music.

Downloadable content:

Latest software – V 2.5

Visual Poi Patterns – fell free to use them with our Visual Pois!


If you already have an old version of Visual Poi and you want to upgrade, contact us for more information.

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  1. Bob says:

    [...] I am so glad that I bought them! Really the best ones! Love spinning these! [...]

  2. Lights in Motion says:

    Professional and beautiful gear for performers who wants to take their shows to the next level. The Visual Poi is a real crowd pleaser and if you like applause you will love them!

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