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$350 $260

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  • new LED Poi with more colors
  • super brightness
  • light time up to 32 hours
  • charger and controller included
  • price is for a pair

Most popular LED product from Pyroterra Lighttoys – that is Zebra Poi. Zebra poi has a beautiful color contrast – your chosen color is in the middle of the poi and the ends are in a contrast color. That makes Zebra Poi something extraordinary that can be seen from afar. If you choose this poi, we believe you will be more then satisfied!
It is designed to last long, and to make a beautiful super bright effects. With new RC remote you can control them and change all colors or dynamic modes from distance at your will.


Brightness comparable and higher than the intensity of the fire! The price is for a pair of Pois, 2 radio remote controllers and a Lighttoys charger.

New version 4 brings you major improvements!

Technical specifications (one Zebra Poi):
Weight: 187 grams
Length: 15 cm
Diameter: 4,5 cm
Number of LED RGB diodes: 60
Battery: 3 hours at full brightness / at minimum up to 32 hours

Zebra Poi Modes:
- Complete color spectrum
- Ability to change light intensity – you will get strobe effects and longer battery life with lower brightness
- 4 dynamic modes including color fades, strobe effects, color jumps,…

Battery and Construction


Zebra Poi has ideal weight for spinning, allowing all the tricks and techniques without any limitation. The only limitation is your imagination and skill!

V4 – Upgrades:

What it brings to you and how to program it?

V4 upgrades

How to program V4 Radio remote?

Due to the large number of orders, it can take up to two weeks to prepare it for you.

5383 172nd. St W.
Farmington, MN. 55024

Zebra Poi is 100% handmade and precise product tested in demanding shows performed by LIGHTSHOW PYROTERRA.

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